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Jim Daly - Glic I.T.

About Glic I.T.

Glic I.T. is the trading name used by myself, Jim Daly.

My focus is on small to medium enterprises and covers two main areas: Internet-presence consultancy and development, and intermediate to advanced I.T. training. My specialty is the WordPress platform.

If you think this all sounds like marketing rubbish then you are right. But click on the What I Do link to get the layman’s version.

Open Source Policy

Not only am I an advocate of Open Source software, it is also my policy to work with the client in an Open Source manner – if you want to know how I did something, I will explain and show you. You can go right ahead and do it yourself the next time. No trade secrets.

Bad for business? Not at all. You may not have the time, or indeed inclination, to do it – that’s where I come in. Plus, as any I.T. professional passionate about technology, I am continually updating my own knowledge – there will always be something new I can offer.

About Jim Daly

Jim Daly headshotI have a postgraduate diploma in information technology (H.Dip. I.T. hons.) and a masters degree (M.Sc. hons.) in software engineering, both from the National University of Ireland. That means I know stuff.

I have worked for a number of cutting-edge companies such as Informix Software and IBM in roles as diverse as product release, web development and support, and also with non-I.T. organisations involved in activities ranging from production to marketing. That means I can do stuff.

I am was forty something but look 30 or 50 depending on the day of the week and workload.

About this Site

The content of this site is primarily aimed at the non-technical visitor. In as far as possible*, the language used is devoid of technical jargon and where it must be used, it is explained in layman’s terms.

*Okay, there are times when, and topics where, this is not possible but I try to keep it simple.