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Jim Daly - Glic I.T.
Web development for SMEs is the core of my business. It is from this that all other services derive. My strength lies in requirements analysis – the skill to determine what you and your business really need.

I am an unashamedly evangelical supporter of WordPress as a CMS platform. I have used many but I have found none that come close in usability, adaptability or functionality.

Clients may opt to maintain their sites themselves or avail of a variety of WordPress support and maintenance services →

I also provide advanced WordPress and general IT courses.

WordPress development
I can advise you on the best web presence strategy to adopt or carry out a review of your existing one. This can range from proof reading or rewriting copy your web site to developing a full programme.

Just one small thing …

I’m sorry but, no, I can’t come take a look at your printer or computer. It’s not that I don’t want to it’s that I wouldn’t know how. I only do this for family, close friends or those with a loaded firearm.