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Jim Daly - Glic I.T.

WordPress is in a state of constant development. Updates add functionality, fix bugs and close security holes.

Failure to keep the core software, plugins and even themes updated is the single most common reason why a WordPress website can get hacked.

BudgetQuarterly Service
€280per year
Quarterly Updates
Backups pre- & post-Updates
Site Monitoring
No Code or Content Modifications
Suitable for static or brochure-type websites
StandardMonthly Service
€500per year
Monthly Updates
Backups pre- & post-Updates
Site Monitoring
Minor Code Changes [1]
Suitable for mid-range Content Managment Systems / Blogs
AdvancedFull Service
€1,200per year
Continuous Updates & Backups
Site Monitoring
Minor Code Changes [1]
Content Modifications [2]
Suitable for frequently updated or high profile sites

* All plans include an initial backup to your own server, security survey and full report.

One-off maintenance and troubleshooting also available e.g. WordPress updates; plugin updates; bug fixing; theme edits; security survey; disaster recovery. Fee will be quoted in advance. I’ll also fix something you didn’t even know was broken – trust me, there’s always something.

The small print in big letters

Fees are payable annually, quarterly or monthly in advance.

None of the above includes copy writing.

Minor coding includes theme tweaks and additional basic functionality. It does not include redesign or additional complex functionality.

Content modifications consists of changing/adding images, modifying/adding text, new pages of images & text.